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OneSource private tutoring: how it works

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We are flexible. If you need help writing a mid-term paper, we can help you get through it. If you are looking for long-term foundational skills support, we can design a plan that works with your schedule and budget. If your child needs help with math, we can coach them through the school year. Whatever the need, our tutors are here to make it easier -- not harder. We are available to meet you in your home, or at a public location, such as a library or school.

Writing & ENGLISH

We believe that anyone can write. Often, students doubt their abilities as writers because they've been taught to be critical of their expressions on the page. In fact, editing is one of the last steps in the writing process. Our OneSource tutors are experienced, successful writers with degrees in English lit. They can teach you the writing process - from exploring ideas and forming thesis statements to getting those ideas on paper (also called "making a mess") to revision and proofreading. They can also help you improve your grasp of grammar, so that your teachers will focus on your ideas instead of tehcnical ability.

Online tutoring

Don't have time to meet in person? No problem. You can send your essay or paper to our writing tutors and they will let you know how you can improve it. Using comments and track changes, they will provide feedback so you can make the necessary changes and submit the paper on time. 


Feel like you just don't "get" math? You're not alone. At OneSource, we believe that anyone can learn the foundational skills needed to excel at math. Our math tutors have years of experience and training helping students just like you. We apply a patient, encouraging and tailored approach designed to meet you where you are at and get you to where you need to be. We have found that once students learn the concepts and skills they need, their confidence soars. Many students are pleasantly surprised to learn that math is a universal language, accessible to all under the right tutelage and support. 


Unsure how to study or feel like you're "bad" at tests? Many of us have been there. Successfully passing a test or exam is like anything else -- it requires commitment and strategy. Our tutors can help you or your child with essential study skills, such as active listening, textbook reading, note taking, stress and time management, test taking and more. We can help boost your confidence and lessen your anxiety by teaching you the skills that match your individual learning style.